Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feedback on album cover support

On 2/12/07, chombee <chombee nerdshack com> wrote:
* Album images are really useful for browsing and finding albums. You
can recognise the image more quickly than the text, or at least it helps
to have both. And showing many album images looks pretty. Both Quod
Libet [3] and Muine [2] above do this. In Muine I find myself looking
for the image rather than the album name. It is very nice. It'd be good
to have little album covers in the browser pane. Banshee had some
mockups for doing just this I think.

agreed. It would be great to have a more graphical mode for the
browser, like iTunes has:

I don't know how the cover art plugin is done but I'm wondering if the
'provider' aspect (retrieving covers from amazon, getting it from
disk, handling a data base of covers) is well split from the 'display'
aspect. Doing so, and providing a good interface for any other plugin
to access cover images could leverage any use of it, such as an
album-oriented browser, a media-center-like fullscreen mode or a shiny
OpenGL based cover display, or anything else.


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