Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] How to hack rhythmbox 0.9.6 to start in fullscreen

On 2/10/07, Alex Lancaster <alexl users sourceforge net> wrote:
>>>>> "WJM" == William Jon McCann  writes:


WJM> Does "Party Mode" do what you want?  The idea was to support this
WJM> kind of semi-kiosk role.

Based on the request:

> P.S. One more thing. We edited an XML file to get rid of the Music
> Edit View etc. menus at the top, which we don't want users to
> touch. We haven't figured out how to get rid of Playqueue, Library,
> Radio and Podcasts on the left-hand side while still displaying
> album art. Any hints? We just want to display the local music
> library, nothing else is of use to this project and is just a
> distraction for the users.

it looks like they are looking for what I was (more or less)
suggesting in:

and party mode only gets you partly there.  There should be an
alternative "jukebox" mode which basically makes everything read-only
(i.e. no modification of playlists, podcasts, radio).  This could be
in addition to party mode, e.g. several "lockdown" modes.  You could
have 3 modes:

No one will tell you that party mode is complete :).  But I don't
think offering 3 modes in the user interface is a good idea.  Not only
is this very confusing from a UI perspective (how is the user going to
know the difference between them) but I don't think entering something
like an internet kiosk (total lockdown) mode is something that the
typical user will do.  However, I think is still worth adding a finer
grained lockdown in gconf only (and with pessulus etc) so that the
system designer/admin can set up a kiosk.

If someone wants to try to help with this, I think a good first step
would be to put together a list of items that can be locked down and
propose gconf key names for them.  Perhaps we can open a new bug for

For example:
Don't allow user plugins   -   lockdown/no_user_plugins
Disable the source list     -    lockdown/disable_source_list
Disable playlists              -    lockdown/disable_playlists

Thoughts?  This might be a nice easy project for someone who wants to
get more involved with the project.


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