Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] How to hack rhythmbox 0.9.6 to start in fullscreen


On 2/8/07, chombee <chombee nerdshack com> wrote:
I folks,

love rhythmbox, especially some of the recent work. Use it every day.

A friend and I are trying to figure out how to get rhythmbox 0.9.6-0
(the Ubuntu Edgy package [1]) to startup in fullscreen mode.

In (the Ubuntu Dapper package [2]) there was a GConf key
(apps/rhythmbox/ui/fullscreen) that we set to achieve this. In edgy,
this key seems to have disappeared.

We are building a custom Ubuntu+Rhythmbox music kiosk on a laptop. It's
for a cafe/arts collective [3], they want to have a listening-post for
visitors to preview the collective's non-proprietary music. We installed
Ubuntu Dapper, locked GNOME down completely by editing gconf keys, set
the user to autologin and rhythmbox to startup in fullscreen mode on
login. If rhythmbox crashes the user sees nothing but a desktop
background and a rhythmbox icon, and can do nothing except launch
rhythmbox. It was perfect. As simple as using an iPod, which was our
goal. The only problem was that 0.9.3 did not support local album art,
which we needed to display the art for our music. So we upgraded to
edgy, but now this gconf key for fullscreen startup is gone. In Ubuntu
Feisty it is not there either.

We've got everything we need working, bar the fullscreen startup. We're
that close to replacing a potential iPod with a recycled laptop running
free software.

Can anyone help? Can we just copy the key over from a dapper box? (we
are going to try this but are doubtful) Is there some other way to hack
rb to startup in fullscreen?

Would this question be better asked on another GNOME list?

Does "Party Mode" do what you want?  The idea was to support this kind
of semi-kiosk role.


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