Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Tag writing, musicbrainz, cover art

Le 11 déc. 07 à 01:25, Grant a écrit :

You edit tag by selecting a track and choosing "Properties" from
the "Music" menu and changing the tags in the dialog.  You can do
the same for multiple tracks by selecting more than one.

G> That doesn't seem to be working for me with either flac or mp3.
G> The properties text doesn't change when I try to overwrite it.  I
G> did compile with tagwriting enabled and I have
G> gst-plugins-good-0.10.6 installed.  From the document you linked
G> to, it looks like I need to have id3v2mux and flactag installed.
G> Gentoo doesn't have a package with either name, so are there files
G> I can check my system for to see if those are installed?

You need to make sure that the taglib library (which provides
id3v2mux) is installed at the time you compile gst-plugins-good.  You
can tell if your gst-plugins-good is compiled with taglib by running:

Almost there.  I needed to install gst-plugins-taglib.  Now I can edit
tags and edits are reflected in the program, but then about 5 seconds
later it pops back to the way it was.  Very weird.  Permissions are
good and I recompiled gst-plugins-good and restarted rhythmbox with
the same results.

For gentoo specific problems, please use gentoo's bugzilla first ( , a bug for this was filled not so long ago) or visit us on #gentoo- desktop for general desktop problems.

I also experienced this strange behavior. Edit a tag, select next song and go on. The song will appear twice for a while, once with the old tags and another one with the new tags (with 0.11.2, I didn't gave a shot at 0.11.3 yet).

Gilles Dartiguelongue
gilles dartiguelongue esiee org
eva gentoo org

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