Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Tag writing, musicbrainz, cover art

>>>>> "G" == Grant   writes:

G> I'm using rhythmbox on Gentoo and I have the musicbrainz and
G> tagwriting USE flags set, but I don't see how to edit tags and I'm
G> not sure how Musicbrainz is involved.  

Did you compile with tag writing enabled?  You'll need to have
gstreamer-plugins-good-devel package installed.  If you are editing
mp3 files, you should have id3v2mux plugin installed (normally within
the gstreamer-plugins-good package).  libmusicbrainz is used for
looking up audio CD track data.

See also:

You edit tag by selecting a track and choosing "Properties" from the
"Music" menu and changing the tags in the dialog.  You can do the same
for multiple tracks by selecting more than one.

G> Also if there is cover art that I have but is not found by
G> rhythmbox, is the best thing to do to name it and add it to
G> .gnome2/rhythmbox/covers or is there another way?

Did you enable the cover art plugin?  For existing cover art, if you
copy it into the same directory as the album, naming the file
front.jpg, or cover.png etc.


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