[Rhythmbox-devel] URL does not appear to be a podcast feed

  Relevant background information:
* Ubuntu 7.04
* Rhythmbox 0.10.0

When I try to subscribe to the podcast feed located at
http://hbo.com/apps/podcasts/podcast.xml?a=2, I get the following error

"The URL 'http://hbo.com/apps/podcasts/podcast.xml?a=2' does not appear
to be a podcast feed. It may be the wrong URL, or the feed may be
broken. Would you like Rhythmbox to attempt to use it anyway?"

When looking at the content returned by the above URL, the podcast links
are all "http://www.hbo.com/";.  Can this podcast only be downloaded via
iTunes?  Is there a workaround on Linux?


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