[Rhythmbox-devel] Organization in Rhythmbox

I think it would be extremely useful to be able to control exactly how music is organized within Rhythmbox. One specific feature that I have been missing is the ability to organize by Album Artist. For instance: my Madagascar Soundtrack CD has tracks from many different artists, but I would like to specify that the whole album is by Disney. I could either rewrite all the artist slots to say Disney, which would be just plain stupid, or I could set the album artist for all of them to say 'Disney' and list songs by album artist.

Plus, you could add in the ability to set the order of organization. For instance, in iTunes, when you list songs by album artist, songs with the same album artist are organized by album, then artist, then track. This means that the tracks are all mixed up because of the different artists. I would love to be able to organize by album artist, then album, then track, then artist if necessary. See what I mean?

I think album artist is just a much more logical way of organizing songs than artist is, since a lot of times a CD has tracks by different artists, but the CD itself is organized by a single group. (A common example: 'Diana Ross' vs. 'Diana Ross and the Supremes' on a CD of Diana Ross' Greatest Hits.)

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