Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Organization in Rhythmbox

On 4/29/07, Justin <booljayj gmail com> wrote:
I think album artist is just a much more logical way of organizing songs
than artist is, since a lot of times a CD has tracks by different
artists, but the CD itself is organized by a single group. (A common
example: 'Diana Ross' vs. 'Diana Ross and the Supremes' on a CD of Diana
Ross' Greatest Hits.)

I agree that this would be nice. MusicBrainz, to list one working
example, stores this kind of information. Here's one instance; I was
actually trying to load this entire album into my queue yesterday and
it proved a bit difficult:

# metaflac --list 01\ Franz\ Liszt\ -\ Liebestraum\ No.\ 3\ in\
A-flat\ major.flac
   comment[0]: TRACKTOTAL=17
   comment[1]: MUSICBRAINZ_SORTNAME=Van Cliburn
   comment[2]: DISCID=f90fb711
   comment[3]: MUSICBRAINZ_DISCID=KRnxpipVBywoeEcF8h8dVe0kycs-
   comment[4]: album=The World's Favorite Piano Music (Van Cliburn)
   comment[5]: asin=B000003F8F
   comment[6]: albumartistsort=Cliburn, Van
   comment[7]: musicbrainz_artistid=2cd475bb-1abd-40c4-9904-6d4b691c752c
   comment[8]: musicip_puid=85dcb7bb-2235-b3ae-59af-585c61f3ec39
   comment[9]: title=Liebestraum No. 3 in A-flat major
   comment[10]: artist=Franz Liszt
   comment[11]: country=US
   comment[12]: compilation=1
   comment[13]: artistsort=Liszt, Franz
   comment[14]: releasetype=compilation
   comment[15]: musicbrainz_trackid=b7809c3c-ca25-4921-a2f5-028c8adca237
   comment[16]: releasestatus=official
   comment[17]: totaltracks=17
   comment[18]: albumartist=Van Cliburn
   comment[19]: musicbrainz_albumartistid=0a8a7571-a0cd-4626-a10a-3dd57e0e559e
   comment[20]: musicbrainz_albumid=84e5b56a-1227-4a4e-b371-43db730440c5
   comment[21]: date=1992-07-14
   comment[22]: tracknumber=1
   comment[23]: label=RCA Victor

For the record, Rockbox supports this organization for portable audio players.


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