Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] .wav file importing problems

Alex Lancaster wrote:
"SF" == Samuel Fredrickson  writes:

SF> I have a music library folder with many songs in it. When I told
SF> Rhythmbox which folder it is, and to "Watch for new songs," it
SF> automatically imported all those songs with correct artist and
SF> album names, except for .wav files. I have quite a few songs in
SF> the .wav format.

SF> At first I thought, "No big deal," but then when I went to change
SF> the artist/ album names manually I could not! Why?! What is the
SF> risk of allowing me to change the artist name, album title, genre,
SF> song title?!

SF> So, there are two problems. One, .wav files do not import
SF> correctly; and two, I cannot change song titles from Rhythmbox.

Whether or not tag writing works is dependent on:

1) what version of rhythmbox you are using (you need 0.9.6 or later)
2) on your gstreamer setup and whether it has the appropriate plugins. 3) what kinds of files you are trying to retag: tag writing currently
   only works for MP3 and OGG files.

See: for specifics of
the gstreamer plugins needed.

i.e. in this case as .WAV files don't support tags (as far as I know), we don't expect RB to edit their tags.

I have one WAV album which I imported some time ago using an older version of RB which defaulted to using the filename (with the .wav extension!) as the track name, and managed to extract some text from the file as the artist (actually the URL of the ripping tool the file was created with).

In any case, using RB 0.9.8 I can edit song details (including the artist/album). I believe this only affects the details stored in the RB database (without editing the actual files), but the changes are preserved on restarting RB.

What version of RB do you have SF?


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