Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] iTunes 7 released

I agree that seeing that give me more motivation to try and help
adding eyecandyness to RB.

It is just so hard to find a solution that everybody likes =)

The iTunes developpers have the advantage of mastering their UI.
RB has to deal with the current limitations of Gtk: no official OpenGL
support yet, no canvas widget. Then there is the themeing thing that
force the separation of blinks and functionnality. That's not a
problem for a widget that would mimick Coverflow, because the aspect
and the functionnality are very tight in that case.

The List widget in GTK (which is found under Depricated in Glade) is
that what iTunes 7 is now using for Source?

Why would depricate that widget? I think the new iTunes Source
list is much more polished; after all, with the header it looks like
the list can be sorted, which it can't.

So I am pro no header =)

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