Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] iTunes 7 released

I agree that seeing that give me more motivation to try and help
adding eyecandyness to RB.

The iTunes developpers have the advantage of mastering their UI.
RB has to deal with the current limitations of Gtk: no official OpenGL
support yet, no canvas widget. Then there is the themeing thing that
force the separation of blinks and functionnality. That's not a
problem for a widget that would mimick Coverflow, because the aspect
and the functionnality are very tight in that case.


On 9/13/06, Karsten Schmiedecke <Karsten Schmiedecke gmx de> wrote:
Oh, my gosh!

That iTunes 7 looks pretty impressive - a lot more development than, say, from
version 4.9 to 6.something. I actually stopped upgrading it on my windows
system cause I didn't like the "new features" such as DRM...

Whatever, I think RB has a couple of new goals to shoot for. After all, we
must defend our position of being the greatest audio player there is, right!
(I still think so, at least.) I'm looking forward to seeing some of those
iTunes-7-features transpire in rhythmbox 1.0 ;);)

Also, I guess I'll have to refresh my knowledge of C so I can be of more


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