Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] iTunes 7 released

Nothing in RB's licence prevents any contributor from taking RB's code
and modifying to the point it has the same feature set (or a
super-set) than iTunes. Why that will never happen is unfortunately
not a matter of goal.

Copying iTunes can be a goal where someone recognize that its
interface is efficient / usable / fun for a given feature she wants
inside RB.
Apart from that, that's not what RB is aiming at because afaik, there
no plan at all for RB. RB is what contributors make of it.

And yes, every iTunes release (or whatever software release, even
other OSS music players) is likely to raise users expectations (or
developper dreams, for what makes me tick).


On 9/13/06, Baptiste Mille-Mathias <baptiste millemathias gmail com> wrote:
Is the aim of Rhythmbox just to micmic the iTunes interface and
features, and update the goals for each major changes ?

Baptiste Mille-Mathias
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