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On 9/4/06, Christophe Dehais <christophe dehais gmail com> wrote:
Is this boiling down to: new widget for Rhythmbox should be in a way
acceptable for the Gtk core, as far as UI design is concerned ?
(obviously they would probably fall in a "too specialized" category in
the first place)

I'm no RB dev, but AFAIK, you can create any widgets you like (e.g.
subclassing an hscale, like you mentioned) as long as they end up
fitting the theme.  Take the search box, for example: libsexy does
some "extra" things with a TextEntry, but it still fits right in.

Also, for a non-RB example, take F-Spot's custom widgets, e.g.

Devs, correct me if I'm wrong. ;)


I'm asking this because I did some experiments regarding an enhanced
hscale for the playing position, and when doing such a widget, you
often start doing all the graphics yourself without thinking about
theming (that is to say not using the virtual functions defined in a
GtkStyle). Even more when you're trying to mimick an Inkscape mockup,
which I do.
The risk of this approach is that the design can become driven by the
eye-candyness, which is surely not a very good idea, but for me it's
more like "thinking graphically".


On 9/4/06, Alex Lancaster <alexl users sourceforge net> wrote:
> >>>>> "CD" == Christophe Dehais  writes:
> CD> What could be possible is to ship a Gtk rc style file with
> CD> Rhythmbox, so that it has its special look that doesn't affect the
> CD> rest of the desktop. Maybe shipping a custom gtk theme engine
> CD> would even be possible. But indeed all this would break the
> CD> desktop-neutrality rule (beside being a lot of work and maybe a
> CD> bug attractor).
> CD> By the way, is that written in the stone ? I'm starting to think
> CD> that RB would benefit from custom widgets with more eye-candy
> CD> (e.g. an enhanced album art widget, a more powerful slider for the
> CD> current play position, a custom panel for docking various UI
> CD> elements...). Some can be made of standard widgets (maybe styled
> CD> by a rc file).
> New features which involve new widgets which could be called
> "eye-candy" are different in my opinion than "skins".  Skins by
> definition would override the current GNOME theme (e.g. fonts/control
> style/window decorations).  New features such as album art
> browser/chooser would provide more functionality but should always
> blend in (more or less) and use the current theme (font/widget
> style/window style).
> So, I imagine that the RB developers (of which I'm not) would be fine
> with "eye-candy" (defined above) would be fine, but "skins" (a la
> xmms), probably not.
> Alex
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