Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Suggestions

>>>>> hijo de Dios  writes:

> Greetings from Mexico.  I write this to send a little suggestion.  I
> was thinking that coud be great if Rhythmbox may use sound effects
> and the posibility to use skins for giving it a "cool look", you
> know more eye-candy.

> Maybe this isnt new, but id like to see this in rhythmbox.  If i
> could help, i can.

Rhythmbox uses the currently-active GNOME theme and is designed to
blend in with the rest of your desktop applications (i.e. have the
same "look-and-feel" as the rest of your desktop).  If you would like
a "cool look", then choose a GNOME theme that has more "eye-candy" and
rhythmbox will use it.

I'm not sure what "sound-effects" a music player really needs?  I
would find a music player that made noises when you (say) changed the
source or opened a playlist rather annoying.


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