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Is this boiling down to: new widget for Rhythmbox should be in a way
acceptable for the Gtk core, as far as UI design is concerned ?
(obviously they would probably fall in a "too specialized" category in
the first place)

I'm asking this because I did some experiments regarding an enhanced
hscale for the playing position, and when doing such a widget, you
often start doing all the graphics yourself without thinking about
theming (that is to say not using the virtual functions defined in a
GtkStyle). Even more when you're trying to mimick an Inkscape mockup,
which I do.
The risk of this approach is that the design can become driven by the
eye-candyness, which is surely not a very good idea, but for me it's
more like "thinking graphically".


On 9/4/06, Alex Lancaster <alexl users sourceforge net> wrote:
>>>>> "CD" == Christophe Dehais  writes:

CD> What could be possible is to ship a Gtk rc style file with
CD> Rhythmbox, so that it has its special look that doesn't affect the
CD> rest of the desktop. Maybe shipping a custom gtk theme engine
CD> would even be possible. But indeed all this would break the
CD> desktop-neutrality rule (beside being a lot of work and maybe a
CD> bug attractor).

CD> By the way, is that written in the stone ? I'm starting to think
CD> that RB would benefit from custom widgets with more eye-candy
CD> (e.g. an enhanced album art widget, a more powerful slider for the
CD> current play position, a custom panel for docking various UI
CD> elements...). Some can be made of standard widgets (maybe styled
CD> by a rc file).

New features which involve new widgets which could be called
"eye-candy" are different in my opinion than "skins".  Skins by
definition would override the current GNOME theme (e.g. fonts/control
style/window decorations).  New features such as album art
browser/chooser would provide more functionality but should always
blend in (more or less) and use the current theme (font/widget
style/window style).

So, I imagine that the RB developers (of which I'm not) would be fine
with "eye-candy" (defined above) would be fine, but "skins" (a la
xmms), probably not.

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