Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Source list layout

On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 15:15 +0200, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> Yeah, the Kris's cairo mockup is very sexy (while I'm not sure about
> playing area). Just, don't forget a11y!
> Of course I don't know what you should exactly remember :-) 
> But every non standard implementation (i.e. using a custom widget)
> should be checked with a11y themes (high/low contrast),

The obvious thing to do here would be to disable the extra stuff when we
detect an a11y there, like we do for the yellow highlight in the search

> keyboard navigability,

This is the biggest reason for keeping the "Source" header in the source
list (which some people have suggested removing), as it provides a label
which indicates the Alt-O mnemonic.

A11y is something we definitely need to keep in mind when playing with
all this cool stuff.


James "Doc" Livingston
The above comment may be extremely inflamatory. For your protection, it
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