Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Source list layout

Il giorno dom, 22/10/2006 alle 20.58 +1000, James "Doc" Livingston ha
> G'day everyone,
> Any opinions or comments on this would be much appreciated, as well as
> ideas on other things that might improve the source list.

The iTunes 7 layout seems to me more rationale when you have a lot of
sources, I'm for apply it to Rhythmbox.

About visual design, I love the Expander cell renderer in Gossip: it
could help to differentiate categories from sources too.

I suppose that users can't select categories items (Library, Store,
Playlist), or, better, implementing them as plain cell items we have a
void action clicking on it. So should we prevent the click/selection
action or should we use the Expander cell renderer and expand the
category on clic? What should do a well behaving GNOME application?

Next, we need at least 4 categories, Library, Devices, Store (only
Magnatune by now....) Playlists. Where should be placed music share?
Under Library (Library->Foo's music), under Music (Library->Music->Foo's
Music) or should we add a fifth category, Shares?
(I'm for Shares category)

Play Queue. Under Library or under Playlists? (I'm for Playlists, it's a
list of stuff to play....)

PS what about folders of playlists?

PPS is the Expander cell renderer accessible?

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