Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Source list layout

>>>>> "LF" == Luca Ferretti  writes:

LF> About visual design, I love the Expander cell renderer in Gossip:
LF> it could help to differentiate categories from sources too.

William Jon McCann said that he tried the Gossip expander but that it
didn't work very well:


LF> Next, we need at least 4 categories, Library, Devices, Store (only
LF> Magnatune by now....) Playlists. Where should be placed music
LF> share?  Under Library (Library->Foo's music), under Music
LF> (Library->Music->Foo's Music) or should we add a fifth category,
LF> Shares?  (I'm for Shares category)

I believe that the patch already uses a "Shares" category for the DAAP
sources, see the screenshot attached to the bug itself:


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