Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] play queue

Maybe shuffle in the play queue could be handled separately,
effectively changing its semantic to a 'bag' where songs are being
removed randomly.

Also I really can't see the point why duplicated songs were not
allowed in the first place. What use case this feature (or lack of)
breaks ?

I see the PlayQueue as a 'would be' playlist. If it comes that a
session was interesting enough to be save as a playlist, then the user
should be given the chance to save it for re-use.
So I agree that the main problem is how this feature is advertised to
the user. It feels more like a sandbox where everything is possible,
than something with strong restrictions and some very particular (not
to say limited) use cases.


On 10/16/06, Dmitry Golubev <dmitry mikrotik com> wrote:
> If we let shuffle affect the play queue, should it just follow the main
> shuffle/repeat settings?

it may be configured separately, or there may be a config option added whether
global settings should affect the play queue. if no buttons (repeat and/or
shuffle) are set there and it is contolled separately, than it will work as it
is now. if some buttons are set in the play queue it will satisfy the other
camp hopefully. maybe this is a reasonable consensus for now?

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