Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Can rb copy OGG files onto ipods and mp3 players?

On Mon, 2006-10-16 at 14:56 +0100, Sean Hammond wrote:
> Okay so I've been hearing a lot about the ipod and generic mp3 plugins
> for rhythmbox and they sound great. What I've been trying to find out
> is, does Rhythmbox transcode music files into the necessary format
> when you drag them onto an ipod or generic mp3 player?
> For example will it transcode ogg vorbis files to mp3 files so  the
> mp3 player can play them?

Rhythmbox has support for doing that, but it's not currently turned on
for iPods. I'm not exactly sure why though, it may be that we turned it
off when we first added the code and forgot to turn it on.

In theory if it was turned on it should Just Work, but as I don't have
an iPod I can't check. Right now, it will copy any track to your iPod
regardless of whether it can actually be played there.


James "Doc" Livingston
2*3*3*37 : The Prime Factorization of The Beast

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