Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] play queue

> Maybe shuffle in the play queue could be handled separately,
> effectively changing its semantic to a 'bag' where songs are being
> removed randomly.

that is unexpected, imho.

> I see the PlayQueue as a 'would be' playlist. If it comes that a
> session was interesting enough to be save as a playlist, then the user
> should be given the chance to save it for re-use.

yeah, it sounds reasonable to have a "save as playlist" feature as well...
but then there is one more button to be added to queue view: "show all" or
"show unplayed only". if the feature is implemented, then songs will
not be removed from queue, but hidden. but then again, other views may
benifit from this button as well, so it might be global (i.e., shows only the
tracks that were not played in this session yet (where session being
understood as the time between to starts (playing starts, not application

> Also I really can't see the point why duplicated songs were not
> allowed in the first place. What use case this feature (or lack of)
> breaks ?

probably someone had an idea to help users ;)

Also, what's up with that odd behavior when the rb is jumping to the frst
song it sees when i am just browsing the library? why is the library
being equated to a playlist? i might be searching for a song, and it just
jumps to the start when i don't want to...


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