[Rhythmbox-devel] Can rb copy OGG files onto ipods and mp3 players?

Okay so I've been hearing a lot about the ipod and generic mp3 plugins
for rhythmbox and they sound great. What I've been trying to find out
is, does Rhythmbox transcode music files into the necessary format
when you drag them onto an ipod or generic mp3 player?

For example will it transcode ogg vorbis files to mp3 files so  the
mp3 player can play them?

That would be a really neat feature. I have a couple of Ubuntu users
who I provide support for who have ipods, so good ipod support in rb
will be greatly appreciated. I have another user who ripped a lot of
music into ogg with SoundJuicer, then without realising went out and
bought an mp3 player. So... the transcoding would be really

They are all on ubuntu breezy or dapper right now. But edgy will be
released soon and has rhythmbox 0.9.6. So I'm wondering if, instead of
using lame to re-encode all their music files, telling them to install
GTKPod, etc., I should just tell them to wait for edgy and upgrade.

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