Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] RB 0.9.6 rpm for FC5?

>>>>> "JB" == Jason Bodnar  writes:

JB> Has anybody built an rpm of 0.9.6 for Fedora Core 5 yet? I'm
JB> trying as I type this but I don't know anything about spec
JB> files. I can build 0.9.6 on my FC5 box from source just fine
JB> (after installing devel libs) and my spec file builds from source
JB> fine but I'm running into what I'm guessing are Fedora specific
JB> errors (bonobo servers not being found, graphics, etc).

I have built one successfully (see below).

JB> I'm using the last rb update src rpm spec file as my guide. I
JB> guess I'll pull apart the srpm completely and see what else I need
JB> from it. But, if anybody has already made an RPM I'd be more than
JB> happy to stop my quest ;-) If not, and I get mine to work I'll
JB> post the spec file and instructions to the list (if that's
JB> appropriate).

I backported the devel (soon-to-be FC-6) spec file to FC-5 and rebuilt
it on FC-5, the spec file is included in the 0.9.6 update request for
FC-5 on the Red Hat Bugzilla:

It's included as an attachment on that bug.  Hopefully the maintainer
there will update FC-5 to 0.9.6 soon, especially as there are many
outstanding bugs in the most current version in FC-5, which is


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