Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] GUI mockup... let's get this sorted once and for all

> Yeah I was thinking along the same lines, I'll whip up some drafts
> tomorrow when I get the time. The biggest problem when designing an icon
> like this though, is that you have to think of how it will look at 22x22
> and even 16x16...

Cool =)

> This is an extremely valid point Martin, but you also have to remember
> that we contribute in any way we CAN... I don't know any C, therefore I
> can't immediately whip up a patch, however I do know art and user
> interface design, so I'll try my best in that respect.

It was not to disrespect you or anything. It is just the way it
works... Not just here, but in any project.

Although James is very kind to make patches, so perhaps you can motivate him? =)

> This is also why I look forward to the Python plugin architecture, as
> then I WILL be able to submit some code. Hopefully the devs will find a
> way to allow us to build on the GUI using the plugins. Plus I'll help
> out with the website if it's needed.

You sound like a good guy to have on the team!

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