Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Listening to remote iTunes shares

Can you set up a network without the use of ssh as a way to test whether
rhythmbox can talk to Rendezvous directly?  I would start with that.


On Sun, 2006-03-19 at 11:21 -0800, Andisheh Mahdavi wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there any way to get rhythmbox to recognize an iTunes library over a
> ssh tunnel? I am using rhythmbox 0.9.2.
> I have a PowerMac at work serving my CD collection via iTunes. At home I
> have an eMac (desktop) and a Linux laptop.
> I can use my eMac at home to listen to my iTunes collection that sits at
> work. It involves 1) a ssh tunnel mapping office port 3689 to home port
> 4689, and 2) a program called Network (formerly Rendezvous) Beacon,
> which maps home port 4689 to home port 3689 using daap.
> When I try doing the same using avahi, I can't get it to work. First of
> all, I can confirm that when I take the laptop to work, it can discover
> the iTunes service and I can listen to the music hosted on my mac using
> rhythmbox on my laptop. So the sharing works perfectly there (thanks!)
> Now, when I use my laptop to try the same port-mapping trick (as for my
> eMac) at home, it doesn't work. Here is what I do
> ssh -f -L 4689: -N workcomputer
> avahi-publish-service iTunes _daap._tcp 4689
> This didn't work---nothing comes up on rhythmbox. Then I tried
> ssh -f -L 3689: -N
> This didn't make rhythmbox recognize it either. I asked the avahi folks
> about this and they said that rhythmbox might be filtering out shares on
> the localhost. If so, is there a workaround that allows me to listen to
> my iTunes music sitting at work from a remote location?
> Thanks very much, 
> Pausanias
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