Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] uable to determine address of the message bus

On Mon, Jun 19, 2006 at 03:33:12PM -0400, John Russell wrote:
> (rhythmbox:31895): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: couldn't connect to session
> bus: Unable to determine the address of the message bus
> I get this message all the time and now that 0.9.5 has rb-client which
> uses dbus to control rb, I really need to figure it out.
> I have this in my .xinitrc
> dbus-launch --exit-with-session gnome-session

This will work as long as everything you use in your session is a
spawned by gnome-session.  If not, you might have better luck with
something like this (from the dbus-launch man page):

  eval 'dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session'

The dbus library uses the DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS environment variable
to find the session bus.  If this is set in whatever process you're
launching rhythmbox or rhythmbox-client from, everything should work.

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