Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Audioscrobbler integration

Hello all,

  At this point, I'm happy to announce the first working version of the
new audioscrobbler plugin!

Right now, it only supports Neighbour radio, I'm working on making an
interface to support more stations.

The plugin is built into the same library as the audioscrobbler song
submission code, and doesn't turn on/off cleanly, so I just suggest
leaving the plugin enabled.  It will use the username and password in
the plugin config dialog.

When using, the first time you click on the station, it won't play, it
will log in, give it a second and click again and it should start buffering.

I'm attaching the library, because I don't know how to make patches... sorry

-Matt N

Attachment: libaudioscrobbler.tar.gz
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