Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Multi User Rhythmbox

On 6/5/06, Mark Hewitt <mark hewitt1 ntlworld com> wrote:
> The problem is that if I start a playlist then let the screen lock
> with the music playing, my wife can't stop or change what is on.  I'd
> like to be able to allow her to do so.  I'm not sure what the best way
> to do this would be, but if there were a way she could control my
> rhythmbox process or we could both control a shared process that would
> work well.

To me, David, this really doesn't seem like a Rhythmbox problem - if you
let the screen lock and your wife couldn't use the internet, you
wouldn't go to the Firefox dev team to fix it, would you? :-P

No I wouldn't, because while my copy of firefox is potentially using
bandwidth, the pipe shares its bandwidth quite nicely.  There is no
problem with my wife logging in under her own account and starting her
own firefox instance.  If I've started a massive download she may
complain that the "internet" is slow but that is a shaping issue that
can be taken care of in the firewall scripts or with other shaping
tools.  However, firefox COULD put some crude shaping capability into
their download code which would allow a level of control over things.

The sound devices don't share quite as well as the uplink does.  And
even if it did, I would still like to beable to give permission to
control which playlist is playing and which song in the playlist is

I believe there's an off option for the screen lock, and it seems to
work fine on my machine...

Yes, I'm quite aware that the screen lock can be shut off.  I was
under the impression that linux was a MULTI user system.  Personally I
like being able to change settings for my account that would drive my
wife nuts.  Not to mention the kids getting in and mucking up things
that they shouldn't be playing with.

Thanks for the suggestions, but I'll pass on these routes.


Mark Hewitt
If the telephone rings today...
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