[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: UI suggestion for 2 (3) bugs with mock up

>>>>> "MK" == Michael Knepher  writes:


MK> I just tried it. I think it would make more sense (if possible) to
MK> have the same behavior as the current search - filter (or at least
MK> search) on all of the columns. Right now, it only seems to search
MK> in the title column.

That's this bug:


MK> And where would I look for/file a bug for the fact that typing
MK> "que" doesn't match "qué" (in either the search input or the
MK> typeahead)? Would that be a gtk+ issue?

Do you mean using "?" like a wildcard/regular expression?  I think
typeahead is 100% literal, and that's a GTK thing, AFAIK.


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