Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: UI suggestion for 2 (3) bugs with mock up

> Can also you please attach these files to the bugs themselves in
> bugzilla?  That way we can keep track of them more easily.

Of course =)

> I like the idea of the button bar with the firefox/evince-like
> searching, although the positioning isn't the best, and there should
> be an "All" option as well as the current patch implements.

What do you mean? Shouldn't it be at the buttom?

I'll add an "All", and attach to bugzilla. =)

> Agree with this, vertical alignment is counterintuitive and not used
> in almost any audio player from iTunes on down.

That puts of course some weight on the argument, that it shouldn't be
so in Rhythmbox, but I wouldn't say that just because no one or few
does it, Rhythmbox shouldn't do it. If Apple had thought that way,
iTunes would never have revolutionized the music players.

The UI proposial should be considered up against
[Bug 171917] Previous moves to the beginning of the song

I am very satisfied with the way the buttons work now, as I often
click on the Previous button to hear the same song again.

So I only think it is a good idea to move the Previous and Next
buttons, if the behaviour of them are changed according to the bug.

If however the bug is applied, then I think vertical control buttons
is the right way.

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