[Rhythmbox-devel] UI suggestion for 2 (3) bugs with mock up


I regards to the following bugs

[Bug 328618] add a search bar

[Bug 171917] Previous moves to the beginning of the song

have I could up with these 4 UI suggestions


that Firefox views wrong =( Please use Inkscape to view them.

You will notice that there is no control toolbar. In the second bug
was it requested to have "real" Next and Previous buttons rather than
"jump to beginning" and "jump to end" of song.

I think the current behaviour of the buttons is a feature, not a bug,
but I may be convinced otherwise, if the UI matches the actions =)

I would say that because the duration bar is horizontal, buttons that
have arrows horizontally are related. So, I would think it would be
very unlogic if a button with a right arrow moves down in the song

That's why I moved the Next and Previous buttons. Now they are real
Next and Previous buttons, would I say.

In addition the Play button points right into the songs browser.

The searchbar idea is stolen from Firefox. It can be toggled with the
"Sear" button, just like the "Hide" button toggles the browser view.

In the last two mock ups have I moved the Source pane to the right in
order to balance the UI.

When every pane is enabled the UI is very close to be in balance:
* Menubar and statusbar cancels each other out.
* Duration slider and Search bar cancels each other out.
* Vertical controls and Source cancels each other out.
* Artist+Album and Songs cancels each other out.

Any comments?

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