[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: UI suggestion for 2 (3) bugs with mock up

>>>>> "TK" == Thomas Kirby  writes:

>> have I could up with these 4 UI suggestions
>> http://www.heko.dk/~maj/a/rb-no_toolbar/no_toolbar.svg
>> http://www.heko.dk/~maj/a/rb-no_toolbar/no_toolbar_search.svg
>> http://www.heko.dk/~maj/a/rb-no_toolbar/no_toolbar_sources_right.svg
>> http://www.heko.dk/~maj/a/rb-no_toolbar/no_toolbar_sources_right_search.svg


Can also you please attach these files to the bugs themselves in
bugzilla?  That way we can keep track of them more easily.

>> I would say that because the duration bar is horizontal, buttons
>> that have arrows horizontally are related. So, I would think it
>> would be very unlogic if a button with a right arrow moves down in
>> the song browser.

>> That's why I moved the Next and Previous buttons. Now they are real
>> Next and Previous buttons, would I say.
>> In addition the Play button points right into the songs browser.

TK> I can see your point when it comes to the arrangement of the
TK> previous and next buttons, but I have two criticisms:

TK> 1) The button bar doesn't look right: the most important control
TK> buttons have been moved to an area with lower visual priority,
TK> where people are less likely to be able to find them easily. They
TK> could get "lost" amongst all the library UI.

I like the idea of the button bar with the firefox/evince-like
searching, although the positioning isn't the best, and there should
be an "All" option as well as the current patch implements.

TK> 2) Most people expect "previous" and "next" buttons on audio
TK> equipment to be horizontally, not vertically, aligned. Although
TK> strictly speaking it makes sense that they relate to "up" and
TK> "down", I would argue that it is more likely to confuse people, as
TK> it violates the precedent set by almost every other audio device
TK> and application in existence.

Agree with this, vertical alignment is counterintuitive and not used
in almost any audio player from iTunes on down.

TK> As I understand it, the bugs you mentioned relate to the
TK> _behaviour_ of the UI rather than the layout, which perhaps does
TK> need some attention.


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