Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Patches for discussion

> > [Plugin Manager UI]
> I've just realised that what I wrote confused even myself. The plugin
> information is already stored outside of the plugin code, in the
> ".rb-plugin" file. It's just the configuration widgets that require the
> plugin to be loaded.
> The "about" pane would always be shown, and the "preferences" pane could
> magically appear when the plugin is enabled.

Okay, so the question is show plugin configuration options or not when
plugin name is selected?

I'd say a configuration button like GEdit for two reason:

* It saves memory.
* I scales.

I can think of more than 10 plugins to write, and I am sure many can
think of other features or tweeks that would be great to have, but
clearly doesn't fit into the official branch for many reasons.

So, with perhaps 50 plugins available or more, I'd say it is not
interesting to see the configuration when browsing through the long
list of names. In most cases people would not even read the
description, they would know from the name if it was a plugin that
could be of interest to them.

My clame is based on personal experience when browsing for Firefox and
Thunderbird extensions.

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