Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: UI Improvements

On Tue, 14 Feb 2006 15:20:33 +1100
James Livingston <doclivingston gmail com> wrote:

> On Mon, 2006-02-13 at 23:07 -0500, Paul Kuliniewicz wrote:
> > What if you store the sort tags with each artist and album instead
> > of each song?  That way to tell Rhythmbox once that "The Living
> > End" should be sorted as "living end, the", instead of assigning
> > that string to each song.  If there's no sort string for an artist
> > or album, fall back to using the artist or album name.

Providing sort tags makes only sense if the user can edit them.
Assigning them to Artists instead of songs sounds very good to me, as
I'll never get around to verifying the tags on my 16k+ Songs, but it's
comparatively feasible to go through just under 3000 Artists/Albums.

> I agree that would make sense, but it still doesn't solve the
> problem. 
> There are two tracks for the artist, with different sort tags. Which
> sort-tag do we use for the artist? Obviously you would only have one
> entry in the artist list, but we still need to figure out where to
> sort it.

Like I said, if you allow the user to edit them, there's no problem.
As a Matter of Fact, you could just remember all sort tags, use the
first one found as default and when (or if) the user wants to edit the
sort tag (e.g. doesn't like "Living End, the", even though that one was
found first) provide the other tags as a pull-down menu, with the
opportunity to enter a tag of your own.

Is that confused or understandable?

-karsten schmiedecke

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