Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] easytag can't read RB edited tags

With Ex-falso and Quodlibet, each music file can have more than one
"artist" tag; instead of tagging it as "Various artists", or "Foo &
Bar", you may tag it "Foo" and "Bar". As far as I know, MusicBrainz
has no support for that. Then, if you import data from MusicBrainz
(for tracks with multiple performers) you'll have to edit it latter it
you are using this EF/QL feature to organize your library. Not a RB
issue, AFAICT.

Leonardo Fontenelle

2006/12/28, Andrew Conkling <andrew conkling gmail com>:
On 12/27/06, Leonardo Fontenelle <leo fontenelle gmail com> wrote:
> BTW, I don't
> know how to use this multiple artist tagging feature with
> information.

Could you explain what you mean? I may be able to help.

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