Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] easytag can't read RB edited tags

I tried ex-falso, and liked it. I can't say I know a more capable
music tagging software! My only problem with it is that applying
multiple artist tags to a song (i. e., for a song performed by more
than one artist) doesn't work well for RB, which seems to take only
the first one into consideration. (RB 0.9.6, gstreamer 0.10.8,
plugins-base 0.10.8, -base 0.10.3, -(ogg|vorbix) 0.10.4). BTW, I don't
know how to use this multiple artist tagging feature with information.

Quod libet, on the other side, is a nice media player, but lacks CD
playing and importing.

Leonardo Fontenelle

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