Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Random song choice

>>>>> "JD" == John Daiker  writes:


JD> Alex, can you expand a little on each of these choices?  With the
JD> shuffle' button, I only notice a toggle between "linear" and
JD> "shuffle".  How are the other three used?  Should this be a config
JD> option in the RB Preferences dialog?  Just my two cents.

Yes, it needs to be option somewhere in the UI (probably not in the
Preferences), see my followup to John Russell and

As to the other three options, I don't really know much more than
those descriptions, because I don't use them myself.  But judging by
their titles, I think random-by-rating, for example, plays highly
rates songs more frequently thann a pure random-equal-weights which
would be like sampling with replacement.


(Again, please Cc the list on general questions that could help
others, unless it is off-topic has private information, or is intended
to be private e-mail).

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