Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Random song choice

>>>>> "PC" == Peter Colijn  writes:

PC> Hi, I have noticed that rhythmbox, when in "random" mode, will
PC> sometimes play the same song twice in a row. This is expected,
PC> with probability 1 / number of songs in library, you will play the
PC> same song twice in a row with a truly random selection. However,
PC> it is somewhat annoying.  Is there a reason this hasn't been
PC> changed to the following pseudocode:

There are several "random" modes in rhythmbox, you might want to check
if you are using "shuffle" (sampling without replacement) or a true
random (sampling with replacement), you can check the play_order gconf


in the gconf-editor, the legal values are: "linear", "shuffle",
"random-equal-weights", "random-by-age", "random-by-rating".

AFAIK shuffle should not repeat any song within the same session.


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