Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Random song choice

>>>>> "JR" == John Russell  writes:

JR> On 12/17/06, Alex Lancaster <alexl users sourceforge net> wrote:


>> There are several "random" modes in rhythmbox, you might want to
>> check if you are using "shuffle" (sampling without replacement) or
>> a true random (sampling with replacement), you can check the
>> play_order gconf key:
>> /apps/rhythmbox/state/play_order
>> in the gconf-editor, the legal values are: "linear", "shuffle",
>> "random-equal-weights", "random-by-age", "random-by-rating".

JR> Is there a way to select between these in the UI?  If I set it to
JR> one of the random ones in gconf-editor, the shuffle button
JR> switches it back to shuffle and then linear.

Not as yet, see:

There is a patch on that bug to add it to the UI, but hasn't been
committed to CVS because we didn't come to a consensus as to how to
add the feature to the UI without cluttering it up with a number of
different options that are rarely used by most users.


(PS. please Cc the list for all followups, rather than by private mail
so that all can benefit from the discussion... ;)  Thanks.)

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