Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] no fun with rhytmbox

>>>>> "CSK" == Craig S Kaplan  writes:

CSK> On Sat, 16 Dec 2006, Alex Lancaster wrote:
CSK> [...]
>> What version of rhythmbox are you using?  Using a old (especially
>> fairly old) configuration file is always a potential problem in any
>> application (not just rhythmbox).  Starting from a clean setup is
>> always safer especially if you haven't upgraded in several
>> releases.  Just: "mv ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/ my-old-rhythmbox-config"
>> or somesuch.

CSK> Obviously that's an easy fix, but of course it's not something
CSK> you'd want to expect average users to know how to do.  And it's
CSK> not really ideal, either.  If you acknowledge that migrating
CSK> config files between releases is usually going to be a problem,
CSK> then presumably rhythmbox ought to detect what version the config
CSK> files were for at startup, and give the user the option of
CSK> upgrading them.


I agree that it's not ideal.  My suggestion was just meant to be a
hack.  Upgrading configuration between releases shouldn't be a problem
in the sense that there are no known problems that are anticipated so
there should be no reason to prompt the user.  The problem is this
case is not that the database has problems, but there are problems in
the application (probably because it's an older version of rhythmbox
like 0.9.4 or 0.9.5 and it's fixed in the later releases).

Unfortunately bugs happen like this happen and distributors ship old
versions of applications that have been fixed in the released version
or in CVS.


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