Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] no fun with rhytmbox

>>>>> "k" == karsten   writes:

k> hello devs, i'm very disappointed of rhytmbox. i was searching for
k> an alternative to amarok and i tried rhytmbox again. from an older
k> installation of my ubuntu there was a old configuration file for rb
k> with an old folder to scan by rb.  after starting, rb immediately
k> started scanning, WITHOUT asking me (i was working at this
k> time). ubuntu froze almost, i couldn't even violently stop the
k> process and i couldn't change the library-folder!  after a few
k> minutes of anger ubuntu was completely frozen - i could only switch
k> off the pc. that did never happen, since i used ubuntu (dapper,
k> edgy) for the last 9 month!

k> WHY hurts rb very principal rules: - not doing important things
k> (with high cpu-load) without permission of the user?  - ever give
k> the possibility to stop such processes

What version of rhythmbox are you using?  Using a old (especially
fairly old) configuration file is always a potential problem in any
application (not just rhythmbox).  Starting from a clean setup is
always safer especially if you haven't upgraded in several releases.
Just: "mv ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/ my-old-rhythmbox-config" or somesuch.

Of course, in an ideal world, upgrades would never cause problems,
but given:

1) possible versions of rhythmbox that a user might have;
2) different version of a distro;
3) bugs present in old versions that have been fixed in newer versions
   that the distro hasn't got around to upgrading to (hint, hint Fedora
   Core maintainer);

it's bound to happen now and then.  The best thing is to file a bug
with as much detailed information as possible so it doesn't happen in
future versions.  (Of course this can't always guard against problems
in any given versions because of (3)).


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