[Rhythmbox-devel] no fun with rhytmbox

hello devs,

i'm very disappointed of rhytmbox. i was searching for an alternative to
amarok and i tried rhytmbox again. from an older installation of my
ubuntu there was a old configuration file for rb with an old folder to
scan by rb.
after starting, rb immediately started scanning, WITHOUT asking me (i
was working at this time). ubuntu froze almost, i couldn't even
violently stop the process and i couldn't change the library-folder!
after a few minutes of anger ubuntu was completely frozen - i could only
switch off the pc. that did never happen, since i used ubuntu (dapper,
edgy) for the last 9 month!

WHY hurts rb very principal rules:
- not doing important things (with high cpu-load) without permission of
the user?
- ever give the possibility to stop such processes

i'm honest, i was completely pissed, sorry.
i will rb give another chanced, but that experience was quite

perhaps you understand my anger,

regards, karsten busch


edgy eft, up to date
samsung x20, 1,6ghz centrino, intel graphics, 512mb ram, 80gb samsung
hard disk.

rb was scanning a ntfs-partition before the crash

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