[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Genre not getting updated

>>>>> "DB" == David Berg  writes:

DB> I just had a very strange interaction with rhymbox.  I eventually
DB> got it to move, but maybe this description will help isolate a
DB> bug.

DB> I changed the Genre tag for an album using Easytag.  Rhythmbox
DB> moved all but one of the songs to the new genre automatically but
DB> one is stuck with the original tag.

DB> Easytag shows that the new genre is applied.  Viewing the file in
DB> a text editor, I see GENRE=Acoustic (the new tag).  I've tried
DB> restarting rhythmbox, importing the directory and song again.  The
DB> song is still listed under Other (the original tag).

DB> I removed the song from the Rhymbox database (right click->remove)
DB> and tried to reimport it but it isn't added.  I just stopped the
DB> program and restarted it from a command line to see if there were
DB> any errors being printed and when the program reloaded, the song
DB> was found and properly placed.

DB> Let me know if you want the file or if there's anything else I can
DB> elaborate on.

Did the track happen to have an ampersand in the file name or in the
track title?  If so, it's probably a file canonicalisation problem
where there was an entry that wasn't properly refreshed, see:


and in particular:


for an explanation where something similar happened to another user.


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