Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] DBus Interface for database querying

James Livingston wrote:

I see two possibilities, either a function that takes a string and put that string in the RB search box and then play. That way, typing "Led zeppelin" would in fact start to play all songs from led zeppelin (all song that contain led zeppelin in the metadata), typing stairway to heaven would play that particular song.. so exactly like the current search function.

The sounds good. I assume that it would only search the library,
switching to that source.

Right !

So i'll need a dbus method like
PlayFiltered(string: filter) -> void

The method would:
* See if the filter leaves any matches
* If yes
- Stop the currently playing
- Switch to library view
- Start playing the filtered list
- Present the ui ?
* If not, rhythmbox continues playing whatever it was playing, and the method does nothing.

Sounds good ?

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