Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] DBus Interface for database querying

On Sun, 2005-10-30 at 12:07 +0100, Raphael Slinckx wrote:
> James Livingston wrote:
> > Artem mentioned the idea of being able to search the Rhythmbox database
> > with the deskbar applet. I haven't done anything with DBus before, so I
> > only know the general ideas, but it should definitely be possible.
> > 
> Well the dbus technical side is not a problem really, i could even do it 
> myself, but it's more a rhythmbox related question: where to put this 
> code, and is rhythmbox shell for example exposing a function that allow 
> searches (rb-shell is where the existing dbus code lives iirc)

I imagine that the shell is the place to put it, especially if we want
it to control the search box or browsers (as below).

> > The question is what level we should do it at, the simple search you
> > have above, full RhythmDB queries, or both. The simple search would be a
> > lot easier to implement, but not anywhere near as powerful as queries.
> > Perhaps doing the simple searches now, and adding queries later would be
> > an option.
> What are you calling queries vs. simple searches ?

By simple search I meant your "search (string, max-results) -> (title,
uri)" thing. By a query I meant a full RhythmDB query e.g. (type=song
and (rating > 4 or title contain "a"), and notification of when the
result change etc.

For the purposes of deskbar you don't need full queries, just the simple
search, but they might be useful to other things.

> I see two possibilities, either a function that takes a string and put 
> that string in the RB search box and then play. That way, typing "Led 
> zeppelin" would in fact start to play all songs from led zeppelin (all 
> song that contain led zeppelin in the metadata), typing stairway to 
> heaven would play that particular song.. so exactly like the current 
> search function.

The sounds good. I assume that it would only search the library,
switching to that source.

> The second way is a real search that returns more than one possible 
> result, so typing "led zeppelin" would return "Play albums from led 
> zeppelin" and maybe the 3-4 most played songs from led zeppelin in the 
> database, or albums..

While nice that is going to make the interface more complicated, because
we would have to expose browser selection and the like.


James "Doc" Livingston
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