Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Bugzilla Roundup #1 (Fuzzy Matching and Tray Icons)

On 10/30/05, Ernst Persson <ernstp gmail com> wrote:
> > Bug 158168: use of tray icon, and minimise to tray
> Hi all!
> Just thought I'd throw in my opinion on the tray thing.
> Like someone said when the patch was merged, rhythmbox
> is to me a desktop service that you pretty much want running most
> of the time if you are using it. So therefore I think we should follow
> the standard set by Gaim, and let minimize minimize, close close,
> but stay running and in the tray until some selects Quit from a menu.

In gaim CVS the minimise minimizes, the close closes and to have it
just in the tray you click on the tray icon for it to


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