[Rhythmbox-devel] grey entries resume


To resume today's investigation into non-editable entries and stuff
(for non-editable song properties dialogs).

(1) non-editable entries (GtkEntry) generally don't show that they are
non editable. There is a version in libview which uses colours of
insensitive state to show it's non-editable state.

(2) insensitive entries don't allow one to select text in them and we
consider that (being able to select) to be useful feature. In some
themes non-sensitive entries don't look different (but those are buggy
themes). insensitive entry background color is most often different
from the backgrounds of buttons and dialogs and such. Entries are
supposed to have a border which makes that less annoying (most of the
time they have it, but in my patch I switched it off)

(3) labels (GtkLabel) are different in that they don't clear their
background. So in themes where most chrome uses pixmaps or gradients
labels are just text on top of background pixmap, while insensitive
entries are grey filled rectangles with text inside.

(4) insensitive entries are generally less readable then normal (not
only background is grey but also the text).

Which makes me prefer switchable label/entry widget solution.

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