Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: AudioCD patch

On 25/10/2005, at 4:53 AM, William Jon McCann wrote:
James Livingston wrote:
G'day everyone,
Attached is the latest iteration of the audio cd patch. Reports of
success or failure on any non-Linux systems are especially appreciated.
The patch also moved the nautilus-cd-burner dependency from optional to
mandatory. As we depend on a Gnome 2.10 desktop, that shouldn't cause
problems for anyone (hopefully).

* We should use nautilus_burn_drive_lock to claim the CD device while RB is running. This stops gnome-volume-manager from starting up another application.

Makes sense.

* In nautilus-cd-burner 2.13 I've changed NautilusBurnDrive to be a class. Instances of which can emit "device-added" and "device-removed" signals when the "enable-monitor" property is set on the drive object. It should work on both HAL and non-HAL systems.

One of the next things I hope to do in 2.13 is to create a class to replace the use of nautilus_drive_get_list. The list object would be able to monitor drives that are added and removed.

Hopefully, these will simplify things. What do you think?

That would make things a lot easier, especially since it would hide the HAL vs non-HAL differences.

I don't think we should require any 2.13 stuff in the near future, but adding support for it would be good. Are the changes API breaking, or just additions?


James "Doc" Livingston <jrl ids org au>

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