Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Initial rating of new songs

On 22/10/2005, at 10:08 PM, Nico Kaiser wrote:
I'd like to ask something about the initial rating of new songs in the RhythmDB.
Rhythmbox rates new songs with "2.5", which is displayed as 3 stars and after a restart with 2 starts (the values seem to be rounded when written in the DB). Maybe the 2.5 is a relict of the auto-rating.

What about rating new songs with "0" to show they are "unrated"?

New songs used to be rated at 0, but that got changed to 2.5 when autorating was added.

With the current solution I don't have a chance to see songs I didn't set a rating, and maybe one likes to create a smart playlist with "Rated 4+ or unrated"...

So what do you think about setting the "2.5" value to "0" in rhythmdb.c?

Personally, I think that having them being "unrated" rather than rated at 2.5 is more useful, especially since there is currently no way to create a playlist of unrated songs. If we change this back, we probably need to do the following:

* make sure that play orders that use ratings treat 0 the same as 2.5
* make it so that you can create playlists based on being unrated
* be able to unrate songs

What does everyone else think?

James "Doc" Livingston <jrl ids org au>

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