Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: AudioCD patch

James Livingston wrote:
* In nautilus-cd-burner 2.13 I've changed NautilusBurnDrive to be a class. Instances of which can emit "device-added" and "device-removed" signals when the "enable-monitor" property is set on the drive object. It should work on both HAL and non-HAL systems.

One of the next things I hope to do in 2.13 is to create a class to replace the use of nautilus_drive_get_list. The list object would be able to monitor drives that are added and removed.

Hopefully, these will simplify things. What do you think?

That would make things a lot easier, especially since it would hide the HAL vs non-HAL differences.

I don't think we should require any 2.13 stuff in the near future, but adding support for it would be good. Are the changes API breaking, or just additions?

The API should be compatible. For now, I've made nautilus_burn_drive_free and nautilus_burn_drive_copy use nautilus_burn_drive_unref and nautilus_burn_drive_ref, respectively. They'll also spew some warning messages about being deprecated.

Is the consensus that RB 0.9/1.0 should target the GNOME 2.10 platform at a minimum? I thought I saw that mentioned somewhere.


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